Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chapters, Cheats and Changes

Book :           Chameleons
Author:         Sanket Ghag
Genre :          Fiction/Romance/Drama
Publication: Leadstartpublishing/ Frog books
Pages :           208
X-FACTOR:  Inside story of an interior designer  
My rating:     4 out of 5  

THE STORY: A review is easy to write, as easy as your daily journal, but writing right review is a daunting task. This story is based upon the struggles of a boy, Sunny, who is living with her ever teasing mother, a restless father, a sweet sister-in-law (who does nothing but serves meals, tea etc. basically) and a generous brother. The question is that why on the earth a common man, who is already rough-casting so much of setbacks and distress in life, would like to read another struggle story? The answer is because it gives many lessons to all, like ‘the thing which you love the most may not worth it at all’.
Chameleon has a tight, crispy and short story to tell but it is not at all fast-track. Sunny is an interior decorator and the whole story sails on the tides of his emotions and banks upon the incidents and accidents occurred with him. Prohibiting myself to go into the deep, I would add hints about the plot. It has good explanations about the places and the crook ways contractors earn money. The writer has used ‘Hindi’ to express the feeling at some spots; most of them have come well. The love scenes are realistic and triggers Goosebumps. As every coin has two sides, this story has some weaker aspects as well. Characters appear and disappear on their will (like genie). The flashbacks are used so much that often a person wonders whether a page or two are missing from the book. Hindi has been used more than required. Nevertheless, every writer has his own style and having said that, I would say that a very descent piece of work and it has a very fascinating climax which justifies the name of the novel.

THE WRITING: ‘Words creates wonders’. It is a nicely written book and if you are a regular reader of novels, you would be impressed by the choice of words and way of explanations on more than one occasion (That definitely does not mean on 2 occasions). I would happily place this novel in ‘no dictionary required’ category. Easy but still such a compiling writing is more like an eye opener for the people who think that using ‘dictionary English’ lifts the excellence of their writing.
On the other hand, at some places Hindi has been just translated into English which hampers the rather crispy language of the story like ‘Had she laughed, the world would have laughed with her and had she cried….’
One important thing (which I think is significant to tell), writer starts a flashback and remains in it for couple of chapters and all of a sudden comes back in present which obscures the reader. I think (personally) flashbacks must end in the same chapter. At an incident, Sunny tells that he had sworn never to ride on a bike, and in the very next scene he is dropped by his friend on a bike. But indeed these small lapses can be easily overlooked owing to the excellent writing and dramatic expressions the writer pulls off. A better story and this writer can do wonders.

THE CONCLUSION: The reader would think that ‘why am I reading about Sunny?’ and as soon as he would finish the question, two words will hit him hard ‘why not?’ Sunny is simple, honest and at times adorable. Immaculate writing style and spice of real life makes the story a good read. I will recommend it to people who like to read a good story in 2 or 3 installments. This is an intense story which has been miraculously simplified.

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