Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wanna write a book? first read..it

Book:           Beaten by Bhagath: A tale of two writers. 

Author:        S.V. Divaakar
Genre:         Fiction/Humour  

Publication:  Leadstart publishing
Pages:         193

X-FACTOR:   Inside story of publishing

My Rating:   3.6 out of 5



THE STORY: You talk about an author and a picture comes in your mind of a well-dressed gentleman coming out of an expensive car and giving autographs to his crazy fans, who are chanting his name loudly. Girls are yelling in astonishment of meeting someone they see in their dreams and guys are jealous of his success and fame.

This is only one side of the coin. Have you ever imagined an author travelling by an auto, bus or ‘metro-train’? If not, why? That’s because we have not seen such authors as yet.

As attractive the lime-light of being an author appears, it is as darker and uglier inside. It is all about marketing, promotion, money and politics. ‘Beaten by bhagath’ shows exactly the same.

This story is about BB (Balwant Bhagath). Everything in his life is well places until his lady-boss says that he can write well, and can beat Ketan Bhagat (K-10 in this book).

K-10 was his room-mate and college buddy who becomes renowned successful author lately and forgets about his friendship with BB.

BB starts writing a book ‘The Sinner’s Curse’ and takes it as a direct competition with his old friend. There are many twists in the story and it shows the reality of publishing industry (which is well researched). Once you complete the story, you will have an idea that why a common middle class man can barely dream of being an author?

Story is crisp and well written. Why ‘Bhagath’ has been used in this book is quite obvious (free publicity, thanks to CB). Though the starting of the story is dull and it becomes hard to continue reading at some instances. But suddenly it gets pace and an emotional/funny/reality ending sums up the book.

THE WRITING: The language is sharp and dictionary free. The sentence constructions are particularly good and people can connect with the protagonist. As the story crosses its 9th page, it becomes tad slow but still the analytical skill of writer is appreciable. Writer has compared the book with a ‘slut’ which could make no sense. There are some ‘so called’ funny incidents which fail to make reader smile. Apart from little lapses I would say the writing and editing both had been good throughout the story.

THE CONCLUSION: People often think that getting a book publish is a cake-walk. Let me tell you that among millions of people, who try to write or publish a book, only 100 get success. And only 10 of those 100 lucky people get chance to write again in life. This book shows a big reality of dirty politics and money game in publishing industry. The people who are looking forward to write a book should read this book. The entertainment quotient of the book may be low but the reality quotient is high. I would not recommend this book to people who get depress very easily.  

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